The park is located at 3303 NW Grand Boulevard, at the corner of North Grand Boulevard and Hefner Parkway, on approximately two acres  in northwest Oklahoma City. Turn north on the paved road east of the Grand Boulevard / Hefner Parkway overpass, Sandra Bobzien Lane. Continue north and park by the baseball fields.

A six-foot black vinyl cyclone fence encloses the entire dog park. A system of double gates provides security for the dogs. And within the area is a separate park for the exclusive use of smaller dogs. The park is open daily from dawn to dusk.

Over forty trees, park benches, waste management facilities (lots of these) and watering centers have been added by PAW OK. The park is bordered on the north by the “Duck Pond.” A portion of the pond has been cleaned and a fine-grade gravel beach created to allow dogs to swim and play in the water.