Welcome to PAW OK Dog Park!

For the safety of our members' and their pets, key fobs are utilized to gain access to the park. This helps the organization to keep track of what times are more popular, who comes in when, and more.

We are a Leash-Free dog park!! Dogs only need to “behave” for the brief time it takes to get off the leash, then the fun begins! 

PAW OK Dog Park has two fenced play areas — one for dogs under 30 pounds and the senior dogs, and one for larger dogs.

Water stations, trees, benches, lots of room to run and a pond, make it the perfect play area!

PAW OK Dog Park’s area of the pond has been roped off and a fine-grade gravel beach has been built to give dogs a large area for swimming and playing in the water.

We would love for you to join the PAW OK Dog Park family!

join the paw OK DOG park family!

Click the button below to fill out the application to get your key fob!

Park Rules

The following is a list of rules that you agree too when applying to our park.

All dogs must be up to date on Bordetella, Fecal exam, Rabies, DHLPP, Parvovirus and Distemper Vaccinations.  We strongly recommend a flea and heartworm preventative as well. 

Children must be 10+ years of age to use the park. This is for their safety and the dogs. 

All dogs must be spayed or neutered to enter the park. Puppies must be at least six months old. 

Handlers must be at least 18 unless accompanied by an adult. 

No tobacco, alcohol, food, glass containers, or rawhide is allowed in the park. Training treats are allowed but ask permission before giving to any dogs other than your own. 

No bicycles, wagons, skateboards, strollers, scooter or other personal vehicles are allowed inside the park. Do not bring volleyballs or soccer balls to play with inside the park.

People with disabilities may use their wheelchairs, walkers, scooters or other mobility devices inside the park. 

All people entering the park do so at their own risk. Partners for Animal Welfare of Oklahoma Inc, City of Oklahoma City and the Oklahoma City Water Utilities Trust are not liable for any injuries. 

Please Read

Park Regulations - Dogs shall be attended to at all times. This helps with unruly dog behavior and prevents fights. For the safety of the dogs, please remove metal choke or pinch collars while present in the park. 

PICK UP YOUR DOGS POOP! Don't be that person. 

Aggressive or unruly dogs will be removed immediately. If aggressive action is observed, take immediate action. Move your dog to another area of the park or leave the park. Rough play is permitted as long as its consensual. 

No digging is permitted. No fishing or swimming in the pond for humans. Shoes and shirts must be worn at all times. 

Handlers are responsible for any damage or injury caused by their dogs. 

All park members shall readily provide their access FOB for viewing if asked by volunteer or board members. 

Abusive or threatening language or actions towards others or their furbabies may result in loss of privileges' or park access.  

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